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Where Chess Meets Cafe

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About Us

Rooks Chess Cafe & Smoothies is a 501(c) (3) Non-Profit entity that features great music, Rooks branded Coffee, Teas, Smoothies, and healthier fast casual foods.
The ROOKS CHESS CAFE team exists only by your generous donations and community support. Without you, we would not be able to accomplish our mission.

We seek to increase the profile and participation of community members of all ages in the game of chess. ROOKS generates positive educational and social enhancements to communities, one move at a time.

Our Founder & Managing Director 

James Gray

James Gray is the founder and Managing Director of Rooks Chess Cafe.

Our mission is to empower youth, elevate our veterans, and strengthen women through the principles of the game of chess.

As a student of chess since the age of twelve, I've studied and learned the game of chess and its applicable comparable lessons that can profoundly change the course of one's life.  Chess has the ability to demonstrate lessons, thus our motto: "Chess to Life!".
Through chess tournaments, we teach the virtue of competition, the importance of focusing on creating - rather than waiting for opportunity, and that failure is a great teacher of patience.


- James.
Tel: (310) 571-9444

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