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Rooks Veterans Program

All Veterans Welcome

Rooks Chess Cafe is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to promote chess education for Military veterans  in the California area. The Rooks Chess Club is a service organization that partners with local organizations  to help teach life skills and  how to improve life outcomes through proven chess associated skills developed  through the game of chess.


Our mission is to improve the opportunity for Veterans  to learn, play and appreciate the virtue through the game of chess. 


Competition is the ultimate motivator. The blending of intellect and toughness  to bringing soldiers together in a non clinical setting serves to develop better performance in and out of uniform.

ROOKS is committed to using its resources to  meet the many needs of our vets to facilitate growth and development.

Another Program: Rooks Vets Online: an online Blog/community where veterans can connect and discuss the game of chess. 

Army Uniforms
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