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12 x 9" Starter Vinyl Chess Bag - Green

12 x 9" Starter Vinyl Chess Bag - Green

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The Starter Vinyl Chess Bags are designed to hold the pieces and roll up chess board. They are perfect for scholastic chess and students that need a quick way to carry their chess set without the extra size and features of the Carryall Tournament Chess Bag. The spacious 9" x 12" bag is large enough to store a small chess clock and score pad. Sturdy re-enforcing straps, tear-resistant material, and heavy duty zipper make it the best first choice.


  • 12" x 9" pouch with sleeve for a roll up board and handle for easy carrying
  • solid construction and strong zipper
  • Fits one set of pieces + chessboard
  • Does not include chess pieces or chess board
  • Rooks Guarantee

    Chess House Guarantee